What TLD ISAC Steering Committee members & Working Group participants say

This ISAC is incredibly valuable as it gives us a platform to share our collective challenges, and the knowledge, thoughts, and best practices needed to face these. Right now, cyber criminals are out there sharing information and we need to do the same if we're going to keep pace with the threat landscape. By taking this proactive approach, we can set a positive example for the TLD operator industry.

Paul Lewis

CISO, Nominet
Chair of the Steering Committee

The TLD ISAC Working Group will allow us to make use of the shared knowledge of all members across Europe to further improve our cybersecurity and response to emerging cyber threats. The website is an important facilitator. It is also our calling card for interested stake-holders to see what the ISAC has to offer and how important our joint contribution is to the global security of the domain name space.

Kristof Tuyteleers

CISO, DNS Belgium
Chair of the Working Group

A collaborative spirit within our community will prove invaluable in addressing the ever-evolving threats in our digital landscape.  I am proud to be part of this vital initiative and look forward to our continued efforts in safeguarding the European digital infrastructure.

Dirk Jumpertz

Security Manager, EURid
Vice-Chair of the Working Group

DNS Belgium is proud to be one of the founding members. With this initiative we will be able to join forces with all European ccTLDs to raise the bar and become a widely reputed organization when it comes to cyber threats and cybersecurity.

Philip Du Bois

General Manager, DNS Belgium
Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee

In times when businesses are confronted with an ever-growing flood of threats, the amount of data collected about them is also growing rapidly. This makes it all the more important to filter out the information relevant to your own industry. Within the TLD ISAC, European registries can exchange information on exactly the topics that really affect them. Each member has the opportunity to share knowledge about actual incidents and thus help to stop the spread, as well as he himself benefits from being forewarned by his peers.

Michael Zach

CISO, nic.at
Participant of the Working Group

To stay on top of cybercriminals, it is essential for registries to work together, share information and learn from each other. With the establishment of TLD ISAC, we are able to further strengthen the security of top-level domains in Europe and protect the services which are so vital for our economies and societies.

Roelof Meijer

Member of the Steering Committee 

Now more than ever, country code top-level domain administrators need to stand together in an uncertain world. Sharing information, tools, and, resources in the European TLD ISAC will help our members ensure a safe and secure internet for our countries.

Erwin Lansing
Head of IT & Security, Punktum dk
Participant of the Working Group

The formation of the EUR TLD ISAC within CENTR is important from two perspectives: members' and CENTR's. CENTR members are taking care of an essential system in the heart of the internet - the DNS. As a platform of cybersecurity expertise of all the members, EUR TLD ISAC enables strengthening the cybersecurity and resilience of European ccTLDs. With a "flood" of new EU regulations that will have, or already has had, a high impact on the operations of European ccTLDs, CENTR's involvement in the relevant policy discussions is gaining importance. EUR TLD ISAC will bring CENTR even greater visibility and reputation among the key stakeholders in the EU.

Barbara Povše

Head of Registry.si
Member of the Steering Committee

European ccTLDs have been exchanging security related infor-mation since 1998. Since 2014 those exchanges took place in the CENTR Security Working Group. In the near future, the EU TLD ISAC will not only allow European ccTLDs but all TLDs and industry service providers to work together and strengthen our industry in order to prepare it for the cybersecurity related challenge that are ahead of us. CENTR is proud to be the incubator for this initiative. 

Peter Van Roste

General Manager, CENTR
Member of the Steering Committee

The number and the sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing day by day and impacting all parts of the Internet. To provide an efficient response to these daily attacks, domain name registries must now combine their forces and collectively organise the sharing of information and devise better lines of defence. The creation of the TLD ISAC is designed to raise the level of resilience and protection in the DNS registry sector. The idea is to centralise confidential security information, to interact with other ISACs and to jointly build robust and powerful defence solutions.

Régis Massé
Director of Information Systems & CTO, Afnic
Member of the Steering Committee

Information sharing is a key success factor to be prepared and able to respond to the numerous security challenges. While Zero-Day-Exploits are real, still the vast majority of incidents use well known tactics and techniques and could have been addressed by applying existing knowledge. ISACs are a great way to share observations and lessons learned within a trusted group. The TLD ISAC has been established to setup this trusted sharing group for members of the TLD ecosystem. 

Robert Schischka

CTO, nic.at
Member of the Steering Committee

As a founding member of the European TLD ISAC, EURid is proud to play a vital role in advancing cybersecurity. Our dedication to safeguarding the .eu namespace and promoting a secure online envi-ronment underscores our commit-ment to protecting our digital community. Together with our peers in the European Top Level Domain Community, we are shaping a safer and more resilient European cyberspace, setting a benchmark for the world to follow.

Peter Janssen 

General Manager, EURid
Member of the Steering Committee

Cybesecurity is a shared respon-sibility. Through the TLD ISAC, DENIC eG participates in a united effort, harnessing collective expertise from top-level domain operators across Europe. It's not just about en-couraging efforts to defend our digital realms; it's about empowering them. As a hub of knowledge and collaboration, our website is where insights meet action, fostering a safer and more resilient internet for all.

Thomas Keller

Member of the Executive Board, DENIC eG, Member of the Steering Committee

While cybersecurity industry has been responding to the challenges faced by large companies in sectors such as banking, energy and telecommunications, there is still much progress to be made in applying cybersecurity to the specific area of the TLD industry. EUR TLD ISAC offers a collaborative environ-ment where European registries can exchange knowledge and expe-riences, developing new initiatives aimed at providing more reliable DNS services and strengthening the se-curity of European domains.

Maria del Campo Domínguez

Head of IT and cybersecurity, Red.es
Member of the Steering Committee

Sharing threat intelligence and best practices within EUR TLD ISAC will bolster DNS security, and thus reliability of the internet, a critical asset in today's interconnected world.

Zala Primožič

Security Officer, Registry.si
Participant of the Working Group

As a society, we rely on a secure internet and it's important that we keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. The TLD ISAC is such a useful forum for us to collaborate and share threat intelligence knowledge with our industry peers, against common adversaries, to ensure we are all working together towards a common goal of keeping the internet secure.

Chris Davies 

Lead Security Architect, Nominet
Participant of the Working Group

PT joins the ISAC TLD to reinforce the commitment to contribute to a more secure and resilient cyberspace, within a growing and increasingly complex context of cyber threats. Certain that cooperation, information, and knowledge sharing are strategic factors for creating a strong vision and specialized action regarding the domain name ecosystem and related cyber resilience, we are excited to be part of this community that plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity and reliability of the Internet.

Inês Esteves

Board Member, .PT