Who we are

Our mission at the European Top Level Domain Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (European TLD ISAC) is to strengthen the security and resilience of top-level domain registries in Europe through information sharing, collaboration, and promoting best practices. We bring together domain registry operators, security experts, and other stakeholders to share threat intelligence, identify emerging trends, and develop proactive measures to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks. By fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and partnership, we aim to enhance the security posture of top-level domains in Europe and protect the digital economy's critical infrastructure.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate collaboration on threat intelligence and analysis of technical and non-technical security information.
  • Serve as an expert point of contact regarding cybersecurity linked to the DNS ecosystem.
  • Improve the internal capabilities of top-level domain registry operators to meet security and regulatory requirements by sharing expertise and knowledge.
  • Enhance cross-sectoral sharing through collaborating with other ISACs and participating in international initiatives.
  • Raise public cybersecurity awareness regarding the use of the domain name system and associated protocols through seminars and publications.

Our History

Formally launched in 2023 and the result of the Empowering EU-ISACs Project, the European TLD ISAC is a special working group within CENTR, the Council of European Top-Level Domain Registries. CENTR has a long-lasting history of bringing together the community of mainly European country-code top-level domain registries (ccTLDs), facilitating collaboration, promoting its members' interests, providing essential services for its community, and enabling collaboration and the trusted exchange of information.

The European TLD ISAC's origins are within CENTR's security working group, but due to its scope and objectives, a different governance structure was required. Within the CENTR community, 12 founding members were prepared to support the initiative through additional funding and resources.

The European TLD ISAC now operates as a separate special working group with its dedicated mission, budget, resources, governance, and identity.