Structure & members

TLD ISAC members

The members of the European TLD ISAC are:

  • Afnic, the ccTLD registry for .fr
  • CENTR, the Council of European top-level domain registries
  • Denic, the ccTLD registry for .de
  • DNS Belgium, the ccTLD registry for .be
  • EURid, the ccTLD registry for .eu
  •, the ccTLD registry for .at
  • Nominet, the ccTLD registry for .uk
  • .PT, the ccTLD registry for .pt
  • Punktum dk, the ccTLD registry for .dk
  •, the ccTLD registry for .es
  •, the ccTLD registry for .si
  • SIDN, the ccTLD registry for .nl
  • SK-NIC, the ccTLD registry for .sk
  • Switch, the ccTLD registry for .ch

Structure and Governance

Being a special working group within CENTR implies that the European TLD ISAC follows the existing rules as described in the Articles of Association of CENTR. This means that the General Assembly and Board of Directors of CENTR retain the ultimate decision-making power over the European TLD ISAC.

To develop the services, image, structure, organisation, and future membership policy of the European TLD ISAC a 2-year work plan was established. This body of work is handled by the working group's task forces; the operational oversight is handled by a Steering Committee.

The members committed budget and resources to the European TLD ISAC.

  • Steering Committee: The SteerCo is composed of representatives from the members of the European TLD ISAC. The SteerCo has a Chair and a Vice-Chair. The SteerCo sets and finetunes the strategic objectives of the European TLD ISAC, monitors its progress, oversees its budget, and acts as an arbiter in case of conflict. It meets on a monthly basis.
  • Working Group: The WG is composed of representatives designated by the members. The WG has a Chair and a Vice-Chair. WG participants cannot be members of the SteerCo and vice versa. The WG is where the implementation of the work plan happens through the creation of different Task Forces. WG participants can ask experts from their organisations to help with specific work packages that are dealt with by task forces. The WG's chair and vice-chair report the progress to the SteerCo and the CENTR General Assembly. The WG currently meets every 4 weeks.
  • Task Forces: are non-formal teams consisting of different compositions of WG participants (and additional volunteers from their organisations) who work on specific work packages. Each task force has a "lead" who organises meetings and workshops and makes sure that deliverables are submitted on time.
  • Chairs and Vice-Chairs: a non-formal grouping of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Working Group and Steering Committee to ensure a regular exchange between the two bodies and prepare eventual decisions to be made by the Steering Committee. They meet on a monthly basis.


Becoming a member of the European TLD ISAC is restricted for the duration of the current work plan. Full CENTR members who are interested in becoming members of the TLD ISAC can find more information in the CENTR member area and/or reach out to for more information.