First TLD ISAC annual conference November 2023


With an impressive programme, the European TLD ISAC will kick off the first edition of its annual conferences in Brussels on 13 November 2023. Speakers include security professional Merike Käo, previous SSAC Liaison to ICANN's Board of Directors, various experts from the TLD ISAC founding members and external speakers from national cybersecurity agencies and other security-related organisations. The objective is to highlight cybersecurity challenges and ways to tackle or mitigate them through intel-sharing, analysis and collaboration. The conference is TLP:WHITE and by invitation only.

  • 09.00: Opening of the conference, Paul Lewis, Nominet, Kristof Tuyteleers, DNS Belgium, Peter Van Roste, CENTR
  • 09.15: Keynote speech on successful info sharing initiatives and best practice for handling shared info, Merike Käo, security professional and previous SSAC liaison with the ICANN board
  • 09.45: Enriching TLP (marking for sharing) with PAP (marking for handling), Claire Anderson, French national cybersecurity agency ANSSI
  • 10.30: TLP:FRIENDS - sharing threat intel with the security community, Jim Mozley & Chris Appleyard, Nominet
  • 11.15: Coffee break & networking
  • 11.45: Application security - a presentation on SBOM, Luca Gattobigio, Leaders in Security
  • 12.15: Vulnerability scanning - a panel debate with various registries, incl. Chris Davies, Nominet, Johan Heylen, DNS Belgium and Michael Zach,
  • 13.15: Lunch break
  • 14.15: The Council of ISACs - experience & testimonial, Jean-François Simons, European Council of ISACs
  • 14.45: Why routing security matters for a TLD, Maarten Aartsen, NLnetLabs
  • 15.15: Headlines about the upcoming NIS 2 Directive - implementing acts and its development process, Rob Augustinus, Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure
  • 15.45: Coffee break & networking
  • 16.15: DNS resilience - a presentation on's anycast solution, Michael Zach,
  • 16.45: Organising crisis management drills through tabletop exercises, Dirk Jumpertz, EURid
  • 17.15: Closing remarks, Philip Du Bois, DNS Belgium, Dirk Jumpertz, EURid.
  • 17.30: End of conference