European TLD ISAC hosts Crisis Communications Exercise at the CENTR Jamboree in Copenhagen


What started with a colleague's computer running more slowly than usual ended in a full-fledged crisis - luckily only in a simulation as a tabletop exercise. At last week's CENTR Jamboree meeting, five teams à 8 people volunteered to get exposed to a rather stressful and realistic scenario of an incident at a fictional registry operator.

The multinational and multi-disciplinary teams from registries across the globe navigated through various rounds of escalation, eventually presenting how they would have reacted to this crisis.

Dirk Jumpertz, game master, and Chair of the TLD ISAC Working Group: "We were very happy with the turnout and motivation of the participants and hope they not only experienced 90 minutes of stress, but also of fun, team spirit and learning."

"These types of exercises are very valuable for stress-testing and assessing your organisation's response and maturity to react to a realistic crisis scenario. The scenarios can be adapted and aggravated so that each organisation and each team can evolve over time."

Barbara Povše, Member of the TLD ISAC Steering Committee and Head of Registry .si added: "These table-top exercises are a critical tool for crisis management, and should, in my view, be part of a business' continuity strategy. As participant of the TLD ISAC crisis comms exercise, I took a lot of inspiration for the annual TTX that we perform at .si."

The Crisis Communications Exercise is one of the European TLD ISAC's developments, and part of its capacity-building activities.